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Blog Tips

Posting a blog entry

To create a new blog entry, simply click "Post an entry" on your blog page.

We've also added a link to "Share" on stories, photo and other content, that when clicked, will allow you to create a blog entry about that particular story, photo, or other content.

Posting a YouTube video

To post a YouTube video (or a video from a similar video site), simply paste the embed code from a video into the "Post new entry" entry form. The result will be that the YouTube video player will appear in your blog post. As with photos, you should not post videos that violate someone else's copyright.

Blog groups

We've created a variety of blog groups to help make it easy to organize blog posts topically.

Bloggers can join groups that have previously been created by going to the "join group" page or by selecting that group to associate an entry to when posting an entry.

Naming your blog

Users can create and name their blog by selecting the "create a blog" link and following the instructions on the resulting page. Adding an entry your blog prior to naming it will result in your blog name defaulting to your username.

Adding links (like a blogroll)

User's can post links by following the "post a new link" link. A list of each user's links will be displayed in the left hand column of their blog.

Sending private messages to other users

Registered site users can send other users private messages (the messages don't reveal any identifying information besides their username and site profile page) by clicking on a user's screen name and then selecting the "Contact" link.

Formatting text in your blog

Use the following HTML commands in your blog entry to use special formatting such as bold and underline.


<b>insert your text here</b>


<u>insert your text here</u>


<i>insert your text here</i>


<s>insert your text here</s>

Big size

<big>insert your text here</big>

Small size

<small>insert your text here</small>

Adding links to Web sites in your blog

Note: Replace with the address of the website you want to add

<a href="">insert text or name of your link here</a>

Embedding an image

Click on the "Upload an image" box, browse to find the image you want to upload from your computer. Once you have selected the image, and clicked Upload, you will receive a message with a special code you will have to copy and paste into your blog entry.