Victoria Advocate reporter Jennifer Preyss traveled to Kerala, India, as a Rotary International 2013 Group Study Exchange ambassador. For about 30 days, Jennifer and her five team members traveled through the southern region of India, investigating its antiquity, culture, food and rich religious diversity. Read about Jennifer's month-long journey through Kerala, known colloquially as "The Land of the Gods," as she shares her experiences and lessons from one of the most exotic regions in the world.


Faith reporter journeys to India's Land of the Gods

I never thought I'd be selected.

Editorial: Faith reporter ready to learn on journey to India

Journalism can be a tough job.

Revelations: India more open to belief in God

It's good to be back on this side of the Atlantic. For the past five weeks, I've been exploring the southern region of India with ...

India trip highlights cultural differences

I've always known I've worked for a special newspaper. As a journalist and someone who's familiar with other newsrooms I knew my experience at the ...

Enlightenment entices Westerners to India (video)

She clutched the rosary in her hand - a gift from her grandparents on her first communion - and considered for the first time, "What ...

Instructor finds yoga, Christ do mesh (video)

A symphony of chimes and wind drifts through the speakers of Danna Garland's stereo as she unfolds her body from a seated hamstring stretch.

Approach to religious education in India differs sharply from U.S. (Video)

Claire Hallett's fifth-grade Schorlemmer Elementary students pause from the lesson and fix their eyes in unison on a woman lingering in the doorway.

Born again in the USA (video)

The aroma of tobacco lingered on the tips of his fingers and stalled on the fold of his collar.


Countdown to India

Namaste! It's hard to believe that in less than a week from today, I'll begin the first leg of my month-long journey to Kerala, India. ...

Off to Dubai

Before I left the house this morning, I posted a note above my stove. "Welcome home! What did you learn in India?" I posted the ...

From Dubai to Trivandrum

After 30 hours of continual traveling, we’ve made it to Trivandrum in Kerala. It’s also Wednesday here since we’re 11.5 hours ahead of Texas time. ...

Kerala gods are plenty

I now know why Kerala is thought to be the land of the gods. In Trivandrum, God and spirituality are everywhere. In every direction on ...

Ambassador of India, Texas

Yesterday, it hit me. I'm in India — as a Texas ambassador. We've been here three days now, and each day has challenged me physically, ...

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