Ranging Reporter update: Do you support the arts? How or why?

Ranging Reporter Erica Rodriguez was in Victoria Monday talking with residents about what they do to support the arts. Here's what they had to say:

A: "I do. I take my kids to the Children's Discovery Museum."

- Melissa Leopold, Hallettsville resident, paramedic

A: "I support them. I approve of them. I don't go to the ballet or the orchestra, but I think art's pretty important in school."

- Michael Hammer, Hallettsville resident, mechanic

A: "Yes, I do. I go to plays. It's a great opportunity to watch these people being blessed with so much talent."

- Sid Villareal, Victoria resident, diamond specialist

A: "Yes. I go to the museums."

- Juan Dominguez, Victoria resident, truck driver

What's a ranging reporter? These reporters go out into the community, regularly filing live reports, photos and video from around the Crossroads region. To contact Erica Rodriguez, e-mail erodriguez@vicad.com or just add a comment to this story.