Ranging Reporter update: How much would you pay to fix roads in Victoria?

Ranging Reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant asking people how much they would pay to fix Victoria roads. The city is considering spending $18 million to fix Sam Houston Drive.

A: "As much as it takes. The roads really need it, especially Red River."

Karina Valenta, Victoria, cashier

A: "The roads definitely need repair. I have no idea how much, it just has to be done."

Eddy Bell Faust, Yuma, Arizona, retired

A: "They need to be fixed. I have no idea how much for. I have a small car and I think I'm going to fall into something."

Rose Jaeger, Victoria, retired

A: "This town is the Crossroads. The Crossroads city needs to have good quality roads. A significant part of the budget should go to this."

Mat Offe, Victoria, anesthesiologist