• A few things about this article and the graphic charts bother me. The facts and the predictions of hopeful achievements get stirred into a mix and then put through a sausage maker and out squeezes scores. These scores are so polluted by hopeful predications that who can honestly believe that these test scores are from "STANDARDIZED TESTING"? These are not standardized tests at all; ACT, SAT, Iowa test of Basic Skills, and other like these are standardized and true indicators of knowledge. Jiggle the scores and GUESS what might happen makes mirages of achievement.

    When you have superintendents questioning the method used for the determination of ratings, that should sound alarms and not cheering.

    I know that there was an article praising the school districts' ratings, so maybe that's why the charts in this article are so tiny and blurry that NO ONE can read the facts. I am all for praising and celebrating TRUE accomplishments and achievements; it just makes me a little sick and ashamed when people prop up egos by artifically boosting scores. We all know what happens to children who are told that every little turn is worth a trophy; their self-esteems aren't earned and don't stand up to time. Self-esteems that earned by true accomplishments build character.

    Bragging that the school districts received high ratings is a whole lot different than recognizing the fact that students have learned what will help them in their lives.

    August 1, 2010 at 8:39 a.m.