• Every child is capable of achieving greatness, it’s not about winning or losing. When young people dedicate themselves to their own betterment through education; regardless of what they do in life, we all win.

    No child should ever accept societies preconceived judgments on their aptitude or limit their potential, conceding to notion “you can not“; that is a lie. Life is about never giving up, never accepting who you are this moment to be your best, and to never cease aspiring to be a better person.

    There is an education for success and there is an education for failure; in Victoria we have seen to much of the latter. A spirit like this young girls, brings tears to my eyes; as to what every Victorian could be and could have been.

    I wish every young person in Victoria would be infected with such love for education; because it is only love that inspires you to be and do more. No matter what, she has won; because she has reminded someone that there are young people, who create hope for a better Victoria. Maybe, just maybe, her life will inspire others away from the shadows that constantly threaten the lives of young people in Victoria everyday

    March 22, 2010 at 2:23 p.m.