• Although I am a HUGE Anti Government person...I am really torn between the two on this one.

    On one side there has become SO MUCH of an excess in this country in regards to food alone, that for many it's hard to distinguish whats a normal level of sodium and unhealthy level. So many Americans depend on fast foods these days that I really believe that most don't even consider the fact of how much sodium is lingering in the foods they ingest.

    I feel at some point in some way, there needs to be a stop to SO MUCH excess of ALL unhealthy foods. Because in many ways it has become so abundant that like I stated in the above paragraph, most Americans have literally become ignorant to the reality of it.

    Sodium is a HUGE cause to many health problems these days. And at the rate most Americans are going with the over abundance of fast food. At what point are we going to stop and say enough. Enough with people literally killing themselves over things that we can ALL really live without.

    Yes, I enjoy fast food every now and then and a few snack foods I may pick up at the grocery store. But, for a long time now I have been very conscious about my sodium intake. I really don't think people understand how important that is to know and understand. If you ingesting way more sodium than the daily limit then unless your working out out over 2-3 hours a day you have to stop and think about where it's all going. Straight to you blood and heart. Making it work major overtime. It can severely dehydrate you and in general make you very sick.

    The biggest thing I think most people need to adopt is to STOP putting EXTRA salt on their foods. Yes, that sounds crazy, but I did it and so can you. When I found out I had sever preeclampsia with my first born and my blood pressure went through the roof, after she was born I gave up adding salt all together. And at some point, you actually begin to TASTE the FOOD rather than mask it. I think many Americans would do much better just adopting that one thing into their daily lives.

    But, for the most part fast food is a definite KILLER. Yes, it tastes good and it's cheap (at least most of it is) but, in the end would you rather have that cheap tasty, cheeseburger or a stoke or heart attack or even worse DEATH! Daily intake of fast food WILL cause one or the other!

    We have choices and we need to start paying attention to our lives and what we're putting in our bodies. We only have one chance guys an that's IT!

    One more thing! Just because a fast food place SAYS they carry healthy options like garden salads, yogurts, etc, doesn't mean it's healthy. Checkout the sodium content in that stuff. Ya, it may be FAT FREE, but it sure isn't Sodium Free. Most salads like at McDonald's have over 1000 mg of sodium. A SALAD! So, don't be fooled by that gimmick "Healthy Selection Menu" It really is quite the opposite.

    May 3, 2010 at 5:11 p.m.