Autism: Fighting to give services to community

Mother fights back by giving back

Rosemary Pena Watts' worry ate away at her like a worm slowly drilling into the core of a rotten apple.

She had waited for this appointment for almost a year, but at that moment in time, she wanted to be as far away from that room as possible.

She was about to find out what made her son so different. It was what she thought - he had autism.

"You come out of that room a different person," she said.

Suddenly, the hardest part was not hearing the truth, it was what would become of the rest of their lives.

Now she serves as a beacon of guidance for an area lacking in services for its autistic community.

The second part of the "Missing Pieces" autism series focuses on these services and what Pena Watts is doing to not only fight back, but also to give back.