• Very well written and please allow me to add a few of my thoughts and keep in mind that I am speaking about small town Texas, no more than 15,000 people.

    College introduces an individual to the world.

    For guys you realize that you are not the biggest or the baddest or the smartest if you ever thought that about yourself. For girls you learn that you're not the most beautiful and that you do not have the best body or that you're not the fattest girl in school and maybe not the smartest.

    When you sit down in a classroom with 500 other students, the professor doesn't know that you were a VIP in high school because you once painted "I LOVE BONNIE SUE" in red letters on the town water tower. He or she won't know that you once beat Randy Mitchell's 1967 SS Chevelle in the quarter mile out on some Farm To Market road with your bad ass Shelby Mustang.

    No, in college, as in first grade you become an individual who is unknown to everyone but those you grew up with. All of your prior successes and failures are washed away after all of the pomp and circumstance of high school graduation, for in college, even those who knew you before prefer to forget the past and move on with the future; their new "self". You can reinvent yourself.

    If you hang out with others from your good old high school days when you first get to college you won't for long because there will be all of these new people and slowly but surely you and your pals will drift apart. Oh you'll still be friends but in your new life, your new beginning you will want to be with those who know nothing of your past sins or accomplishments...the reinvention of yourself is more important than rehashing all of the same stories that were written while you were in high school.

    But sometimes you will find yourself going back in your mind to those four years of high school which you thought would never end and you will remember everything vividly. Names, places events all of the things in your life that got you to where you are now and that's a good thing.

    For even though you have reinvented yourself you are still the same person you were while you were growing up; you are just in a different time and place with different people.

    Good luck.

    May 26, 2012 at 9:42 a.m.