I am fun-loving, opinionated, and self confident. I believe religion is a business that saves people and spirituality teaches people how to save their self. I am single and plan on staying this way until my children leave the house. I believe words have power so I think before I speak and begin each morning, praying out-loud, its the best way to start the day. I have worked with clients for more than 22 years as a Hair Stylist. I believe we all have a story and with this comes the responsibility of the past, present, and future! I stand second to my Master: He is the Son of God known as Jesus Christ "


Cedarville, Arkansas


Award winning Stylist of the Year, Bachlorette of the Golden Crescent, Top Faith Story of the Year



I enjoy writing. I could write for hours about nothing that makes- any- sense and spend the rest of the day paragraphing and editing, trying to make -some- sense of what I just wrote." ( Currently, I am writing for my first Book: Be beautiful being you) I enjoy being a single Mom and spending time with my two children. Although they are 21 AND 12, sometimes I have to bribe them and offer them money to spend time with me. I LOVE community service! I spend weekends hosting events with Bro. Gary- just recently, we were Master of Ceremonies during the Grand Opening of the Livestock Show. I judge pageants, cook-offs, Halloween contest, and just about anything else I get asked to be apart of helping Edna to Goliad to Cuero and of course, the city of Victoria! I spend at least one weekend every other month in Dallas- bringing awareness to a Movement I am the CEO and founder of: Justus Love- "Pray it out, Write it out, Speak it out" a foundation for "Survivors" of Sexual Abuse who bring awareness to "Sexual Suppression". You may have recently heard me on the new hit podcast "NEWStalk" at the Award Winning Victoria Advocate or years past, as "Relationship Expert" StacyK on KVIC The Breakfast Buzz. And, I'm proud to share my new column inside GC Magazine: "Making you Beautiful from the Inside-Out" Where I will be offering tips on internal and external beauty!


Journey - Pink - Kid Rock - AC/DC - The Eagles


The Bible, The Secret, The 72 Names of God, Josephus, Earth, and Everyday Grace


Noah, God is Not Dead, Sixteen Candles - The Breakfast Club - Seven

TV shows

All the housewives, Chrisley Knows Best, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Knots Landing, 90210, Friends,