I am 33 but I feel like I am 23, depending on the time of day and/or the day of the week.

I consider myself an inalienable rights activist.

I am a full time starving student at the Victoria College and a struggling domestic engineer. I am also the President of the Zeta Gamma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Victoria College.

I care about many things and I usually voice my opinion about all of those things, in a way that some people do not understand or like (surprise!).

I think that there are a number of under-appreciated keys on the English Keyboard. I do not discriminate, regardless of keyboard position. I hold full responsibility for bringing to light the blatant dismissal of the parentheses, colon, and exclamation mark. Lest we not also forget the ever-elusive ellipsis…

(Where would sentence fragments be without them?)

While people don't always agree with what I say, it always comes from the very core of my soul, and that has to matter for something.

Happy reading, and don’t forget the Twizzlers.


Shiner, Texas


Victoria College, Phi Theta Kappa