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  • cmeaston 

    First, why does only the Advocate article come up and not the articles from the original publisher of the story? I would think the original publisher of the story would be the one to be responsible for the follow up articles (which you stated they did). The way the articles are searched is more a function of google, not the newspapers. However, to be a good steward of the second code in the code of ethics, "minimize harm", one might want to work with google to see if there is a way to remedy this problem for newspaper articles in general. Because of the overwhelming access to information, the Newspaper Association of America might consider the bigger issue of how far beyond your printed page and website does your code of ethics reach? Would you want to/could you limit the search engine companies that access your archives to only those that will abide by a newpaper's code of ethics?? Could you build partnerships with entities that have access to sharing your archives so that as the information age moves along you can address these issues together?? Just a thought.

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