Obviously a grandmother! My children are blessing me each year with additions to the family. I have one grandson who is seven and two granddaughters on the way. My hub keeps working so I can spoil the grands. We are a Christian family, and we cover a lot of life with prayer. My husband is an avid hunter and I am an avid fisherwoman. My life has been full, and if the Lord took me tonight, I would be just as happy to observe from heaven.I am a staunch Republican, but have voted on the Democratic ticket a time or two. My hub and I are on the final 5 toward retirement. Our parents are getting frail, and it is driving us crazy trying to keep them safe. We have become suburbanites, and that makes moving home to be closer really an impossibility. I am a true scrapbooker and really enjoy the deja vu it creates. I am truly sentimental as is my husband. Needless to say there is a lot of stuff around our home that really needs to go.