My fiancee just got a new job offer out of town and we are debating on how much we should rent it out for. We bought the house Jan 07' and its a great house. I thought I would get on here to get some opinions on what we should rent the house for.

Location - Northcrest

SQFT - 1740.00 sqft living area - garage is closed in and sqft added to total

Rooms - 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom

Lot size - 3/4 acre

School: Vickers Elementry School

Bonuses - Laundry room has its own area and a door to seperate it from the new living room that was the garage. Water well that will save mega money on watering the yard. Hard wood floors  / new tile in kitchen, 1 bed room has carpet (we were in the process of doing all rooms little by little), a dog pin in the back that is chain link fenced and nice size (animals are welcome outside only). Nice size shop in the back yard.

Now with electricity we have Victoria Electric COOP and I have not had a bill over $150 and my last bill from July was $130. I have learned to turn the temp up to 77 while we are at work and close all doors and the bill has changed from $150 down to $130 - $135. 


Ok now if you had a house like this, What would you rent it out for?


Thanks Everyone