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  • cleric


    By cleric in And Baby Makes Seven

    Today at work, we were going to have food delivered from a place in Placedo called 'Gonzalez Restaurant'. I had not heard of it, but was told it was good by a couple of people. A coworker simply raved about ...

  • amber

    Idol Prediction

    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    I'm not sure if anyone really watches American Idol , but my prediction of who is going this is week most definately ACE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!! I was listening to 95.1 this morning and heard the version of the Daniel Powter song ...

  • kellirhea


    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    If you haven’t watched “Saturday Night Live” for the past couple of seasons, then this post probably won’t register with you that much. So I was watching SNL this past weekend, and I saw a “Debbie Downer” skit. As rib-ticklingly ...

  • timoi

    Worst Things To Happen To Music

    By timoi in On Another Note

    Blender Magazine put out a list of the 50 worst things to happen to music in their May 2006 issue... I'm still laughing about it. Look carefully, we might be guilty of ruining music ourselves. Here's a few of my ...

  • amber


    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    I recently saw a nascar racing car this week. It was number 60 and the sponsor was Dial. I wanted to get a picture on my phone but didn't think about soon enough. I'm not sure who the driver was ...

  • cleric

    Me + Camping = NEVER AGAIN!

    By cleric in And Baby Makes Seven

    To keep you in suspense from my previous entry, I will go over the above math I learned over the Easter weekend. I need to go through my pictures although I took very few due to being busy, tired, and ...

  • cjcastillo

    Days off

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    I am enjoying some days off from work , so things have been quieter than usual on my blog. I thought about finishing my podcast about salsa and merengue music on my days off, but then I though, "Nah, it ...

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