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  • amber


    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    I recently saw a nascar racing car this week. It was number 60 and the sponsor was Dial. I wanted to get a picture on my phone but didn't think about soon enough. I'm not sure who the driver was ...

  • cleric

    Me + Camping = NEVER AGAIN!

    By cleric in And Baby Makes Seven

    To keep you in suspense from my previous entry, I will go over the above math I learned over the Easter weekend. I need to go through my pictures although I took very few due to being busy, tired, and ...

  • cjcastillo

    Days off

    By cjcastillo in Digital Babble

    I am enjoying some days off from work , so things have been quieter than usual on my blog. I thought about finishing my podcast about salsa and merengue music on my days off, but then I though, "Nah, it ...

  • ToniMarek


    By ToniMarek in Toni Marek: Blogger Extraordinaire

    That means make believe, kids. You know, like pretend. As in - not true. "The Da Vinci Code" contends that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had descendants, and that Opus Dei and the Catholic Church were at the center of ...

  • amber


    By amber in Teen Thoughts

    Hello once again. I'm writing about one of the interviews I have recently done. I got to do the interview on camera with one of my role models. Since I've been wanting to be a journalist I decided to interview ...

  • kellirhea

    From Me To You

    By kellirhea in Quixotic Quicksand

    Positive reinforcement works. I am aware of this fact because of you. You, the reader, supply me with the motivation I need to keep my fingers on my keyboard to put words together for this blog. It always brightens my ...

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