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  • ashleyramirezscott

    Separation Anxiety

    By ashleyramirezscott in My Mom Blog

    The first night my brand new baby was home she slept all night in my arms. From then on she slept in this adorable cozy cradle that my parents purchased for her. Like clock work for the last 5 months ...

  • KeithWommack

    Why You Need Love To Be Healthy

    By KeithWommack in Healthy th(ink)ing

    “You don’t need a medical degree to say, ‘I love you,’” writes Pamela Wible, MD, in an article at “Just three simple words can heal more wounds than all the doctors in the world.” Studies show that love heals ...

  • tbalandran

    Happy Democracy, America!

    By tbalandran in Word Choice

    This time of year always reminds me of one of my favorite essays. The words were written by celebrated American author E.B. White. I first heard this piece in college many years ago as an example of how description is ...

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