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  • KeithWommack

    What stops you from being healthy?

    By KeithWommack in Healthy th(ink)ing

    Will World-class competition and the medaling of champions keep you watching the 2014 Winter Olympics? Or will you watch in anticipation of barriers and limitations being shattered? When it comes to breakthroughs and victories, though, you don’t just have to ...

  • BiancaMontes

    Texas tops list of exoneration in 2013

    By BiancaMontes in The Blotter

    Texas has once again topped the list of yearly exonerations, according to a recent report. The National Registry of Exonerations reported 2013 was a record-breaking year for the United States with 87 exonerations in total recorded. Texas, along with Illinois, ...

  • bachalon

    Victoria Saturday Night.

    By bachalon in The Five Aggregates

    Slow day here for me. The weather was decent, but I spent the day inside reading while the girlfriend was at work. We went to the grocery store not too long ago for dinner. It didn't seem any more crowded ...

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