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When's the last time you did some cloud watching? Well neighbor, (as the chili commercial used to say) that's too long.

This weekend, as I was lying on the trampoline--yes, I'm 53 years old and I play on a trampoline; let's move on--I saw a cloud in the shape of a unicorn. How cliche, you might be thinking. But this was a baby unicorn, horn not fully formed and compact in size. It was quite charming.

I watched birds flying over, zooming across the spot where I lay, some stopping to perch on the telephone wire that stretches across my back yard and you can bet I said a heartfelt prayer that they wouldn't, as my dad used to say, "spot" me, .

I saw a small plane fly by, so high and tiny it looked just like a toy as it droned it's way to some unknown destination. I saw two silver jets pass overhead, just a little behind and to the side of each other, sunlight glinting off their wings.

And the clouds marched on, silently swirling and mixing, reshaping and disappearing only to be replaced with more shifting white mist.

My iPhone lay beside me playing music that seemed to enhance the view while the leaves on the oak tree, translucent with yellow sunshine, sent dappled light across my face.

If I had been in the house, dutifully folding clothes and doing my usual household chores I might have missed this magical moment.