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My life felt a little stale. Day after day after day--same ol' same ol'. And then I got sick.

As I lay in bed coughing and blowing through a box of kleenex I realized, too late, that ANYTHING was better than feeling that crappy. Stale? Dull? I'd take it in a heartbeat! At least I had been stale and healthy.

And no matter how caring my husband was, however attentive to my every need (Kleenex, soup, water, juice, meds ... Repeat), each night I was in this alone. As he was peacefully snoring on the couch (he loves me, but he was not sleeping next to that) I was fitfully tossing and turning in the bed, trying to find some comfortable position that a.) wouldn't make me cough more, b.) didn't hurt my head, c.) allowed at least one side of my face to breathe.

But nothing lasts forever--not even a cold.

By Thursday I was back at work. I could actually croak out some words that my husband and co-workers could understand. Even so, it was a little embarrassing that my voice had a tendency to yodel like a schoolboy going through puberty, but I got through it.

By Friday I actually felt a small surge of energy. That small, energetic feeling led to hope and hope to optimism. I was out of the woods. I was on the mend. I was back, Baby!

So my point is when things seem dull and seem as if they won't to get any better, just wait. A new day is on the horizon. God gives us the gray day so we can appreciate the sunny one. It's the ying and yang, the good and bad, the flip and the flop. Without one the other can't stand out.

Here's to the New Year (raises coffee mug in a toast). May you have much contrast in your days so you can really see and appreciated them!