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The Astros will add Justin Maxwell from the Yankees after he was designated for assignment on Sunday.

They don't have to make a roster move to bring him on until Monday. But what you can expect is that it will be a pitcher, and probably one they can send to the minors:

-- Rhiner Cruz, David Carpenter and Fernando Abad all have options to the minors. That being said, Abad might not be a good option because it would leave Houston with one exceedingly mediocre lefty in the bullpen: Wesley Wright. Plus, Carpenter looked good last year and Cruz is worth giving a shot to.

-- Wesley Wright and Brandon Lyon don't have options to the minors, but are candidates nonetheless. Lyon is being paid gobs of money, which might get GM Jeff Luhnow to give him a chance, but Wright has been below average for far too long, and opening 2012 by allowing Colorado to put up a crooked number on him isn't a good way to ensure you stay on the roster.

-- Fernando Rodriguez likely doesn't have options, and is an option (although less likely than the ones above.) Wilton Lopez and Brett Myers aren't going anywhere.

I feel safe in saying the cut is coming from the bullpen. Houston is carrying 13 pitchers right now, and it seems prime to cut someone from there rather than from a bench that is filled with players that deserve more of a shot.

We'll see tomorrow who goes down/gets cut.