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Let me tell you a secret. I take a lot of photos. If you've ever seen me on assignment this isn't much of a secret. I take so many photos that my editor has commented on my quantity while watching me edit more than once. I just really like to make sure that I have my bases covered. Another secret, I hate making decisions. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting me for a meal or an afternoon outing, this is also not such a secret. Unfortunately these two secrets really don't mix well in one person. I often find myself left with several similar photos and the task of choosing which one is best. This not always easy, it is especially not easy when you're on deadline and someone is yelling "where are the photos?" or its the second half of your split shift and you originally left for work 14 hours ago.

So I bring this to you internet. I obviously already picked a photo to run in our publication "Discover Victoria" which comes out at the end of the month but I'm curious to see: Which one would you choose?

Saturday night I was assigned to shoot the new bar downtown, Steve-A-Reno's Rock 'N' Roll Blues Bar. Much to my delight a slow evening broke into a number by the band that caused the patrons to get up and dance. (I'll have to write a thank you card to the big man upstairs for that one.) So I, thanks to my overshooting nature, was forced to pick my favorite. I'm still not sure I made the right choice, what do you think?

                     Photo 1


                     Photo 2


These two are almost the same, it's just hard to decide which body language of the dancers is better.

                      Photo 3


I really liked the closeness of this photo with the silhouette so large in the frame.

                     Photo 4


I liked the sense of how busy the bar looks in this photo.

Check out Discover Victoria to see which one I picked (hint, it's the first one.)