I've found myself in that weird limbo where I have enough time left in my evening that I should do something productive, but I don't really have enough time left to get anything real accomplished. So, I decided to show y'all a photo I took today that I liked before I call it a night.

A reporter and I headed down to Port O'Connor this afternoon to talk to people about their preparations for the extravaganza that is Poco Bueno. I know very little about the event besides that it involves yachts, money and really really big fish.


Anyway I took this photo at one of the bait shops in Port O'Connor. I really liked the walls that weren't really walls and brought in just enough diffused light to make the photo. Being from Michigan the ocean (or Bay, or Gulf, or whatever) always really surprises me. I'm used to having giant bodies of fresh water around instead of salt water. It's a totally different experience. Therefore I get really excited when I see porpoises, pelicans and those tiny sharks that people always seem to catch. I look forward to venturing back that way on Saturday to watch people bring in those giant fish.