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Image We were running through clouds of blue, orange, yellow and pink. People were throwing whole bottles of powder into our faces as we blindly stumbled through sections of the race, trying not to eat the colors or get it in our eyes. Some people were smart, wearing goggles or glasses or bandannas. I would like to say that I wanted the full experience of tasting/feeling/inhaling all the color, but really... I was just ill prepared. But there is nothing like crying colored powder out of your eyes, choking on it as you run and inhaling huge amounts with your friends to bond you for life. We are pretty sure our insides look like a skittles commercial now.

Despite our inability to plan better, the Color Run in Houston was a lot of fun. It was great to start in white shirts and come out of the race looking like a rainbow had melted all over us. At the finish line we all got to throw powder into the air and dance around it. What could be more fun?

And of course, the absolute best part? All those awesome photos we got from the day.