Entries for April, 2013 in Advocate Photo Blog

  • angeliwright

    The Prom

    By angeliwright in Advocate Photo Blog

    I meant to write this blog a really long time ago but I forgot about it until the other day when I was going through the photos on my phone and found a photo of the back of my camera ...

  • katduncan

    Have a little faith

    By katduncan in Advocate Photo Blog

    I've always had faith that people basically good. We are more likely to be compassionate and caring than hurtful or insensitive. We are more likely to help each other in a time of need than ignore each other. While we ...

  • angeliwright

    Boys will be Boys

    By angeliwright in Advocate Photo Blog

    Tuesday's game at Riverside Stadium was quite the event. Before the game, both teams honored their friend and former teammate/competitor Austin Davis, who died unexpectedly last year. Watching the rivals come together was very touching. And then, as if this ...

  • amitchell2

    Track Photography

    By amitchell2 in Advocate Photo Blog

    Shooting track is always fun for me, but it is a challenge to keep my work fresh and exciting while trying not to take all the same shots I shot last time. Now, i've certainly taken this type of shot ...