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I've always had faith that people basically good. We are more likely to be compassionate and caring than hurtful or insensitive. We are more likely to help each other in a time of need than ignore each other.

While we were out at the scene of a bailout today, broiling in the afternoon Texas sun, one of the officers, Branden Allen, took the time to give water to a man sitting in the back seat of the police cruiser. This officer treated the people he had to take into custody like human beings, with compassion and care. I was really touched by the gesture.


Minutes later, my alerts started popping up on twitter about the tragic bombing in Boston. Because I used to live in Boston while I went to grad school, I still have a lot of people I care about there. I couldn't help but feel incredibly violated, worried, fearful and depressed by the violence enacted upon the people and the city itself.

It is a beautiful and historical city, full of amazing people who were out there today to run and support the runners of the marathon. I remember watching the marathon from the sidelines while I lived there, crammed in among others cheering for runners, handing them pizza slices, cups of beer or throwing water on them to refresh them. The crowds were insane; we were packed in side by side like sardines, but I never once felt unsafe. It is heart- breaking to think of that joy and support being shattered by this tragedy, that people may never be able to cram themselves along the sidelines again without a slight fear, a slight bit of doubt, as to what could happen to them.

On a day when we are so greatly reminded of the ability of people to hurt each other, it was that much more comforting to see that we can also care for each other.

Maybe it was just a small gesture, but I feel like the small gestures of kindness matter just as much as large acts of bravery. They are what remind us every day that we are all in this together, living side by side, day by day. So we should all take care of each other, as much as we can.