I meant to write this blog a really long time ago but I forgot about it until the other day when I was going through the photos on my phone and found a photo of the back of my camera that I had sent to my boyfriend from the prom. 
At the beginning of April I spent my Saturday at the Cuero High School prom following the Victoria Advocate Prom Princess who I promise told us that she had eventually gotten used to, and had even learned to enjoy, being stalked by a reporter and having me constantly shoving a camera in her face.

You can see her journey here

While I was hanging out at the prom waiting for something to happen, and trying my best to look older than a high school student and younger than a chaperone, I spotted this couple.


The prom was really very quite dark and I was concentrating on not losing our princess in the crowd for the 15th time so I only managed to snap one in-focus frame that had bad color and was really grainy. I also didn't have time to talk to them and learn their story so there is no caption to go along with the photo. However, I was touched by the cuteness of the young couple, who didn't shy away from the dance floor, and immediately had to text it to my boyfriend with an "awww" so I thought that it was worth sharing with the rest of you. 
As always, thanks for looking.