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As a photographer one of the greatest acts is to put away your toys and serve others through spiritual guidance, offering a simple smile or offering to listen. As a human race we ate what we are but we can alter and change our actions, not for God or ourselves but for mankind. People live in fear and doubt, unsure where they are headed in life. Turn it over to God and place your faith in God and know that whatever happens, whether it full fills your idea of what you think you need at that particular moment, God has a plan for you and most likely a far better one than the one you thought you needed right now! Turn your life over to him and let him pilot the plane. With a contrite heart and sincere love for the Father, nothing brings him greater joy than to receive your live. Live your life humbly and reach out to those in need. So put aside your cameras and notions that images speak volumes. Love for your neighbor especially one that you may not see eye to eye with is all deserving of all your love. Peace out.