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It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Victoria has been a busy place lately full of football games, festivals and farm and ranch happenings. I hope that everyone is enjoying their autumn season as much as I am. 
I'm going to take this opportunity to share some unpublished photos that I dug up today that I am fond of. The first two are from an assignment about a month ago in which I got to spend the morning with Cody Leopold and his family while they did some ranching chores to prepare for the Ranch Rodeo, Roundup and BBQ Cookoff near Hallettsville.

You can see the story here

This photo is of Cody and his boys, Lane and Wyatt, as they rope a calf on the land that they work. The highlights were a little too bright for me so I didn't want to edit it in color but I like the old cowboy feel that the photo has in black and white.


From the same assignment this is Cody with his daughter, Lucy Jo, the tiniest little cowgirl that I've ever met. She was not happy unless her dad was holding her or she was sitting in the saddle. I thought that it was really sweet and I would love to meet the little cowgirl she becomes when she's big enough to ride a horse by herself.


My last photo is from the night of the giant rainstorm that cancelled all of the football games in the area a few weeks ago.


Victoria East assistant principal Rey Gomez stands at the entrance to the stands at Memorial Stadium to make sure all fans were cleared from the area after they had been evacuated and the game cancelled due to heavy rain and lightning.

As always, thanks for looking.