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London is on fire after hosting the Olympics and Paralympics this year. The city is full of attractions for tourist and locals alike. Fashion reigns on the streets and boutiques as locals rock the style and tourists try to seek the same trends. If London is on your radar this fall here is where you will find the London look.

A walk around London and you’ve already found a local pub, boutique, and hot spots throughout the city. Follow this guide and you’ve shopped and looked at London as a local.

Carnaby Street is located off of Regent Street – a local and touristy shopping capital. You can get to this stop by the underground subway or by bus. It is a common stop and definitely a must see. Aqua, a lovely store, is located on Carnaby Street and is for the modern fashionista.

At Aqua, the dresses take a whimsical spin on the Peplum trend as the dresses are fantastically oversized this trend and is completely high fashion – not exactly something you would wear for a casual day out.

If you have more of a fashion for comfort type style – Anthropologie is directly around the corner and up Regent Street. The store is available in Texas in several cities but the location in London is worth taking a look at. The storefronts in London are amazing to see even if you’re window-shopping. It is not recommended to purchase anything in this store as you’ll be paying more with the London currency for items that are readily available in the US but the Anthropologie store is definitely lovely and gives a stylish spin to 3 floors of lovely architecture and earthy walls entirely covered in grass.

Something worth spending on is the local stores – scout out a store that is only on this street and purchase something that not only looks good on your body, shape, and size but something that you can not find anywhere else!

Something close to these two stores that isn’t focused on fashion but a must see as a stop in between is one of the largest toy stores in the world – Hamley’s where you can take a picture with the Royal Family entirely made of Legos!

London is calling and it’s fashion on Regent and Carnaby Streets are definite must see!