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Dear Alice: Me and my ex broke up a while back ago, but his mom refuses to believe we are over. When I see her at a basketball game or something, she always comes up to me and starts randomly chatting about how good her son is doing. Then she’ll slip in a little mean comment like “He still hurts over you.” She likes to ask why I broke up with him too. I mean, what am I supposed to say to that? I do feel bad for breaking up with him and hurting him, but I don’t want to get back with him. I just want his mom to stop making me feel so awkward when I go to school stuff. -Meddling Mom

Dear Meddling Mom: This is really not cool for a mom to do. Adults are supposed to act like adults, but this mom is acting like a kid. The next time she comes up to you, tell her gently that you don’t want to talk about her son. Say firmly, but not in a mean way, that you don’t like it when she talks about him, and that it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you really believe you won’t get back together with this guy, then tell her that too. It seems like she’s doing this to get you two back together, and if you take away the chance of that happening, she might back off. If she still pesters you after that, then you need to get a teacher at the school function and ask them to tell her to stop. Lots of Love, Alice