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Dear Alice: My parents just announced they are getting a divorce. It wasn’t a surprise or anything, they’ve been talking to me and my sister about it for a while now. I’m upset about it, but I know they will be better apart. But now I have to choose which parent to live full time with. My mom and dad told me they were going to let me and my sister choose who they wanted to stay with. I want to stay with my mom, but my sister wants to stay with my dad. I would be ok with that if mom wasn’t moving back into her hometown in Maine. I want to stay with my sister and my mom and still see my dad, but I don’t know how I can do all this. -Family Help

Dear Family Help: I’m sorry that you have to make all of these decisions, and about the divorce. I think you should sit down and talk with your mom, dad, and sister in the same room, and tell them how you feel. They can help you make a plan to see your dad and sister, and still live with your mom. They might offer different alternatives too, such as living with your mom during the school year, and visiting your dad in the summer. Talk with your sister and ask her how she feels, maybe you could compromise on whom to stay with mainly. This is a really tough decision, but talking to your family and even your school counselors can help you make the right plan. -Lots of Love, Alice