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Dear Alice: My boyfriend won’t tell me he loves me back when I tell him I love him. I keep asking him why he won’t do it but all he says is that he’s waiting for the right moment. I know I really do love him, and I’m trying to show it the best I can. This is really making me mad that he won’t even pretend and say it back to make me feel better. I don’t want him to lie or anything, but this is an ok thing to lie about right? If it makes me feel good then he should just say it. Why is he waiting so long? -Lovestruck

Dear Lovestruck:I’m sorry that this wait makes you feel sad or mad. Perhaps if you explained this to your boyfriend he would give you a better reason for waiting so long. But I kind of have to agree with him. Saying “I love you” is a really big deal, and waiting to say it until you truly feel it isn’t a bad thing. He’s just making sure that when he does say it, he means it with all of his heart, which is way better than a pretend “I love you.” Try not to pressure him too much to say it because he might become frustrated or say something he doesn’t mean yet. Don’t ask him to lie about something like this; if this is such an important thing for him, then you should respect his feelings and allow him to say it when he feels ready. Never say something like “I love you” just to please the other person. It has to come from your heart. Lots of Love, Alice