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Dear Alice: I’ve been friends with a guy named “John” for a long time. Usually we’re pretty cool and hang out a lot, but lately he’s been blowing me off for other friends. Normally I wouldn’t care, but his new friends are starting to change him. He does stuff he would never have done before spending time with these people. I just miss my old friend, and don’t really want to hang around this new one who acts differently. Is this selfish? - Missing Memories

Dear Missing Memories: Everyone grows up and changes, even the people we are closest to. If you feel that John no longer shares the same values as you, then don’t hang out with him as much anymore. It’s not selfish to decide that spending time with someone is harming you in the end. Especially if you feel that John will start trying to influence you in ways you would rather not be. Have you tried talking to John about his new relationships and how they seem to be affecting him? Maybe if you explained to him your feelings on his personality changes he will stop allowing himself to be so easily influenced. Sometimes friendships change, and even though it hurts a lot, we have to learn to let them go. -Lots of Love, Alice