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Dear Alice: There is this girl in my class that’s super smart and nice, but she won’t keep her thoughts to herself. It’s so bad that what she blurts out annoys people. She constantly interrupts class to tell an opinion or fact about herself, and then when anyone tries to tell something about himself or herself, she one-ups everything they say. Like if I said I had just visited somewhere, she would say she’s been there dozens of times and list all her family members that have been there and/or lived there, too. How can I get her to stop without making her mad? -Annoying Outbursts

Dear Annoying Outbursts: I think the best way to handle this situation is to take her aside and gently explain everything you just described. She probably doesn’t even know she’s doing this, and just needs to be told to stop. She might even be trying to prove herself to everyone by showing she’s smarter or better than anything they say. Once you tell her to stop, she should slow down on all of the negative things she is doing. Tell her that she doesn’t need to do these kinds of things for you to be her friend, and that you like her for who she is, not for what she knows or what she’s done. -Lots of Love, Alice