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Dear Alice: I'm one of the captains for my swim team but I feel like the coach ignores me completely. If I make a suggestion he looks at me like I'm stupid then tells me that would never work out. If the other captain tells him the exact same thing though he thinks it's the best idea ever. Me and the other captain are friends, but it's obvious to even the team that coach plays favorites. I don't know why he would pick me as a captain if he won't even listen to me. -Team Turmoil

Dear Team Turmoil: I think you should talk to your coach. Tell him that you feel he should say exactly what position you have. Maybe he thinks of you as a co-captain but never told you. Also explain to him that you think it's unfair for him to take the other captain's ideas but not consider yours. The first step to satisfaction with any job is communication, and it seems like your coach and you don't have any. Hopefully talking to your coach will change his attitude toward you. -Lots of Love, Alice