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Dear Alice: I’m in high school and I’m a little overweight. People don’t ever say I’m fat but I feel like everyone judges me and thinks I’m too big or ugly. I’ve been exercising and trying to get thinner like all the other girls, but it isn’t working yet. I want people to say I’m pretty and I want everyone at school to think I look nice just like all the popular girls, but it’s just not working. I feel like no one will like how I look. -Wanting Skinny

Dear Wanting Skinny: The only thing that really counts in life is how you act and feel on the inside. If you keep telling yourself you aren’t pretty enough, then no one will think you are beautiful because they see you put yourself down. Pretty is something that starts inside you and grows out, and being sweet and kind are examples of this. I’m sure that nobody thinks you look ugly or fat, and that you’re just being your own worst critic. You are beautiful inside and out and nobody can take that away from you no matter what he or she says or thinks. Exercise can take awhile to work, but it’s worth it in the end because you become healthier, although I don’t believe you are fat in the first place. You need to believe in yourself and know that you are beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, and lovely all around. -Lots of love, Alice