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Dear Alice: Sometimes I feel that my boyfriend only comes to visit my house because he can play Xbox with my brother. Him and my brother are best friends since we moved here and they and they do sports and every thing else together. My boyfriend will come over, hug me, then ask where my brother is so they can do video games. I don't want to hurt my brother’s friendship because that’s how me and my boyfriend met and I love my brother too much to make him give up my boyfriend as a friend. What do I do? -Bromance

Dear Bromance: It’s okay for your boyfriend to come spend guy time with your brother, but it’s wrong for him to take time out of your date time to do it. Next time he comes over tell him that he has to come over to see you, not your brother. He can’t go off and spend time with your brother instead of you. Maybe for a few weeks you should go over to his house to hang out instead of him always coming to yours. This might give you a break from dates involving your brother and teach your boyfriend that dates are for you two only. Let him know how you feel when he leaves you at your own house alone, and that it has to stop. He can visit for guy time with your brother whenever he wants, but make him specify whether he’s coming over for guy time or time with you. -Lots of Love, Alice