Blogs » Crowdsourcing » Will Victoria's growth improve or hurt quality of life?


I'm working on a story that looks at whether projected population and commercial growth will improve or hurt the city's quality of life -- based on Caterpillar and its offshoots, expansion of UHV and the Port of Victoria, Main Street revitalization, the Eagle Ford shale and more.

Quality of life is a tough concept to define, and it differs for everyone, but here's a good explanation.

So, what do you think? Will growth here make the city a better place in which to live, or a worse place?

If you read Pages 28-40 (or Chapter 2) of this study, conducted a decade ago, you'll learn what some Victoria residents wanted in terms of improvements to quality of life. (The PDF might take a moment to load, FYI).

Thanks for your input.

Gabe Semenza, Advocate public service editor