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I spent a few hours on Tuesday afternoon touring Riverside Park with Parks and Rec Director Doug Cochran.

At each turn, he told different stories or relayed interesting facts. Did you know the park is 562 acres of woodlands, boasts 175 BBQ pits and maintains 9,000 wood posts to help separate pedestrian traffic from motor vehicle traffic?

I'm working on a story about the park for our yearly publication Discover Victoria. To tell the story, I'd like to interview someone who frequents the park. Do you use the park often? Know someone who does? If so, please contact me at or 361-580-6519.

Before I left Cochran, I couldn't help but ask him if he watches NBC's "Parks & Rec." He laughed and said that, no, he doesn't. He actually doesn't watch a whole lot of TV, he said.

Now that my wife and I have our first baby, we plan to spend more time at nights outside and away from the TV. Maybe we'll see you in the park.

Thanks for your input,

Gabe Semenza, Advocate public service editor