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Skechers Shape-Ups will NOT turn you into the next Kim Kardashian or Brooke Burke.

This revelation comes from the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Consumers who purchased Skechers Shape-ups or other toning shoes made by the company will be eligible for a partial refund from a $40 million settlement the company made with the Federal Trade Commission and 42 states with class action lawsuits, according to an article in the Boston Globe.

Kardashian and Burke have both served as spokeswomen of the brand at on one point.

The settlement is being finalized Wednesday in a federal court in the Northern District of Ohio, according to the FTC.

Ads for Shape-Ups claimed the sneakers with the rounded bottom toned muscles, improved posture and encouraged weight loss, while reducing stress on knees and ankles.

Shoe prices ranged from $50 to $100.

Those who own a pair of the toning shoes can apply for a refund on the FTC’s website; claims must be filed within the next eight months.

Skechers released a statement on Wednesday saying it “denies the allegations and believes its advertising was appropriate, but has decided to settle these claims in order to avoid protracted legal proceedings.”

The FTC is reportedly expected to mail refund checks within the next few months, but hasn’t yet calculated the amount each consumer will receive.

The amount of the refunds from the settlement will depend on the number of individuals filing claims.

After reviewing the research on which Skechers was basing its advertising claims, the FTC determined the “studies were false” and that “people were "gaining weight."

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