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This will be another weekly feature on my blog. Me asking a question that baffles the mind, makes you ponder till you fall out of you chair, those questions that seem to have an obvious answer but for some reason I can't figure it out.

This week's question:

Can someone tell me why gas is more expensive in Victoria compared to surrounding areas?

I know the local news station did a story on this last week. I as well as many others in the community were eagerly awaiting to find out the answers to this question. What did the news story come up with? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. The report basically informed us of something we already knew: gas prices are higher in Victoria than say, Port Lavaca or even San Antonio. I'm sorry but that report failed. I wanted to know more. I wanted to hear jargon from a financial analyst, a manager at one of the gas stations...something.

I was in Port Lavaca yesterday, saw gas prices range from (for regular unleaded) $2.11 to as low as $1.98. In Victoria I saw prices around $2.25.

What I wanted to know is why? Can someone explain that to me? Maybe I need a refresher on economics...or price gouging.

Maybe I'll do my own report. Citizen journalism at work. Stay tuned.