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I found this great article on that explains in full detail the debacle over the Sony rootkit.

A snippet I found interesting:

Actually, Sony's response to the mess it caused is almost as bad as the mess itself. The company continued to insist, despite growing evidence to the contrary, that its components weren't harmful in the first place. And in fact, the president of Sony BMG's global digital business division, Thomas Hesse, told National Public Radio that most people don't know what a rootkit is, so they shouldn't care that it had been secretly installed on their PCs. Mr. Hesse, they care. And they should start caring a whole lot more—on November 10, BitDefender uncovered the first Trojan horse (but possibly not the last) that takes advantage of the upatched DRM technology to open a backdoor on a Windows PC. So, if you're the recipient of the rootkit and you haven't yet received a patch, Sony has officially endangered your PC.

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UPDATE(11/11/05): Sony halts production of CD copy protection software

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