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It was eighth grade, my last year before high school.

My mom was in a squabble with administrators at the Catholic school I attended. Not receiving a resolution that made her happy, my mom pulled me from the private school and enrolled me in public school for the last semester of eighth grade.

Hello, Grant Middle School. At least I had several friends who went to school there, so the transition was easier.

I met a kid named Douglas Tasker. He was one of the first people to introduce himself and befriend me.

I didn't know this at the time, but Doug sold the school's most sought after contraband. That's right. He sold Jolly Ranchers, of the stick variety, at 50 cents per pop.

He had everyone lining up for those yummy sugar sticks -- even the security guard and principal.

I eventually helped Doug sell those Jolly Ranchers, and it truly made my last semester before high school a successful one.

This is my best back to school memory (technically, it was back to school because I started a new semester coming off the holiday break).

What is yours?

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