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The world changes but that does not mean the purpose of things, does as well. The only time a purpose should change, is when it is thought to be wrong.

Right or wrong is not relative, first of all. Working towards doing a good, is doing what is right.

As I understood it before; only when a newspaper works not to discover the truth or fosters confusion through action or inaction, it is engaged in wrongdoing. It is not the responsibility of a community newspaper to “advocate” any agenda or suppress through support or lack of, opinion.

This is not easy but it is also true.

Because something is hard, does not mean that it should be put to the side or ignored all together. The first thing should be to understand if something is being done wrong and the second, if it’s a lack of ability or capacity to do so. In a way, a newspaper person’s first act is to investigate one’s own thoughts and actions before writing.

Only a vain and egotistical person would consider that their words represent any significant part of a community. What people tell you most times than not, is not what they truly believe. We all have a compulsion to belong and to believe what we say is true.

No, it is not easy.

A good newsperson works to understand what effect words have on people, not just what they think it does. This is the problem with most, non-commitment to the true responsibilities of their position.

This can be seen in their work; they go round and round in their comfort zones. Their reporting is reflected in this by its conformity to a certain manner. As if, the community they represent never changes or they seek to hold change at bay. If only my view is read, then nothing different from it will develop.

Vain and ego, compounded with arrogance is an interesting mix.

Newspapers are the instrument of change or destroyers of it. This is not a totalitarian system, by no mean. Still, a newspaper will do more for change than not. Whether change is good or not, is for the people to decide for themselves.

The responsibility of a newspaper is to be sure that as much about change is known, for the community to make as inform a decision as possible in judging their views on it; not to bias opinion.

What is the purpose of a newspaper? It is the purpose of a newsperson, a good one, to think.

If you cannot think but react to internal and external prejudices and bias on what is made known to you, then that will be transferred to the community in your writing.

I am known for my outrageous writings and people, “not knowing what to make of me” but that has been the whole point.

I want people to think, and as long as they are uncertain of me they will think more clearly on what I write.

Those that favor me slightly will look to find meaning in what I say and those against me slightly, will look for criticisms but both will do so without any strong opinion of me to bias or prejudice my writings.

It’s not easy.

People should not have any expectations before they read, those should be made after.

I'm just saying.