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What would really be awesome for MIT App Inventor?

More control over API's, cloud type components using MMS texting, Google App Engine, wireless printing of content on screens and canvas's and in-app payment services. Still waiting for the In-App Payment component but thankful nonetheless.

What I see in the near future, is more App Inventor type applications that function as mobile webs, not just hubs. Mobile devices communicating exclusively with other mobile devices, through common App Web Portals.

App Web Portals possess GUI's to create, manage, and share activities, resources, and intents among those with the same application. This creates a secure controlled environment and alleviates some privacy concerns.

I've researched this intensively since App Inventor, was at Google.

Why, because it forces GUI hard code developers to think more on how graphic components and their relations, will be commonly understand. GUI's developed to be easier understood, result in fewer security threats in the code.

As people's familiarity with GUI programs increase, their developmental understanding of technology, also increases. In a way, the goal should be enabling people's use of technology to it's fullest and teaching hard code developers critical thinking skills, that reduce or eliminate poor technological development.

Some of the problems related, to advance technologies are a result of miss use or under use; both stem from technology developed independent of "common" human understanding.

That is how our modern economy was managed for decades, and it did not turn out so well? Let's hope the leaders in Application development, see the wisdom where others did not. Anyway, App Inventor is a start and you have to start somewhere, right?

MIT App Inventor is a wonderful tool for education and real world use. Search "MIT App Inventor" and read about how it's being put to military use to protect lives.

Or not, but it's really something everyone should at least make available to their children. This tool has great potential and would be teaching them skills that are really on the leading edge of technology.

I'm just saying.