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Since I am, so close to rocking the world’s foundation and or becoming the next billionaire, I’ve decided to take a little time to post something.

A little clarification, I’m nearly done with an Android application that allows people to speak, text, share videos, and enjoy multiplayer games though wireless internet. Did I mention that they can opt to do so for free after buying the application?

Perhaps, I forgot to mention that you do not need phone carrier service and that you get your very own number.

Maybe, I did not tell you that you can do this from any Android device and at the same time, on the same screen? I think you are getting the idea. No carriers, no monthly payments, and I know that I forgot to mention you can store your information on your device and control its use when others access it.

That’s not all, but this is just the first version.

I was born in Victoria, Texas. I grew up under the hill and over the Guadalupe, then later off Lova drive. There are many things wrong with Victoria that have and continue to be wrong, but there is hope. My life and accomplishments known or unknown, are a testament to this.

It only takes the force of will, to make “the choice”.

Decide to cowboy or vaquero up and make your own destiny. I was born a cripple, yet I played football and got into fights against bullies. The doctors thought I had a death wish but I was going to be free and I never go into anything half way, which I care about.

I’m not, the Texas Rattlesnake but I got grit and a bite when I need it. My point is no one would have thought that someone from Victoria could change the world. The answer to world peace, to poverty, to illiteracy, and all the other afflictions of humankind; is the look in a child’s eye.

Not just any child but those we cast out and put down or write off. When I look for answers to problems in society, I walk the most dangerous streets at the worst times and in nearly every instance you find kids where they shouldn’t be or probably engaged in what they should not be doing.

When you tell them “I was like you and talk to them of similar trials and tribulations”, they know. Most of the time they don’t believe right away they could make something of themselves but if you keep talking you might reach one.

They start believing.

They start believing they matter and that they can make something of themselves, through hard work and good character.

I’ve helped thousands of young people, even some that were my own age growing up. Poor, destitute, and written off, I changed thousands of lives. Some went on to become U.S. Marine’s instead of new recruits for La Eme. Some went off to become millionaires, intellectuals and others took on their own causes.

I’m still poor but it’s because it keeps me honest and I like to “Btch”, lol!

When I die, there may be nobody around but I will die with a heart full of happiness and joy, like I was the richest man in the world. I was born in Victoria, Texas.

People from Victoria may not have much of anything else, but they have heart.

Young people, never lose hope.