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First off, people will probably start saying all sorts of nasty "half-truths" against President Obama. It's either 100% truth or not true. Second, sometimes you have to make decisions, where it's just the best of bad choices to choose from. Third, we can speculate what would have happen this way or that, but until your in his position, well you know.

Keep in mind, Reagan, Bush, and now Romney come from "the same cloth".

For middle class and low income Americans our financial futures were destroyed or considerably diminished by the decisions and policies made from those of "the same cloth". Romney, is probably a nice guy but we need someone who has been put through the worst economic disaster the world has ever seen...and kept us standing.

Republicans can say that we are going to collapse like Europe and loose our military standing to China; but that is just lies.

We were going too; until President Obama brought a "calm and steady hand" too the office of the President.

Republicans like Reagan, Bush, and you could probably bet your last dollar on Romney being the same; have lead with platitudes and hyperbole.

The "evil empire", "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction", etc;...sound familiar? These Republican Presidents and the wanna be, lead through fear and intimidation. We have had and if common sense prevails; will continue to have a President in Obama that leads through pragmatic and patient leadership.

The first thing I learned in life was "patience" and the second thing was "never give up". President Obama embodies these fundamental tools of life, that not only enable you to find long term solutions to problems but create the foundation for success.

Romney, like Reagan and Bush, just doesn't get it.

America is not suppose to be for the rich and to bad for the middle class and poor; your fault for not being rich. It's not a contest, like many wealthy people in America believe.

It's about family.

The American Family, and family is suppose to take care of family not sacrifice one member for another.

Despite what any Republican might say about President Obama, he has done more to unite ALL AMERICANS in our time of need, than any president since Roosevelt. We need a President that seeks to help Americans who are willing to work hard and succeed on their merits.

Romney in my opinion, is all about "who you know" not "what you know".

The world has changed and it will not go back to how it was, but we can make a new and better tomorrow. This will not happen over night and we will not all share equally in American prosperity to come; but under President Obama's leadership we will receive what we put in.

I want an America built on Americans succeeding through "their merits", not "privilege".

We know the truth about Reagan, Bush, and now the well connected "Romney". These men, are men of "privilege".

I'm a man of "merit", I too could have been a man of "privilege" but I choose to do the other thing. Not because it was easy but because it was hard,...and in the end I would be a better and stronger man for it.

My strength would be Americas strength.

Our country needs a President that believes in building and supporting a "merit" based system in America, not Romney's "Privileged" class.

If you believe as I do, then your vote is clear.

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for but I want you to know why I am. This is my opinion, if you don't like it that is fine but "don't tread on me".

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