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Hi, Everyone. This week has been especially hard for us, but all the love, well wishes and prayers have helped ease the pain. I know time heals, but its a hard pill to swallow right now.

My time with Craig was cut short way too fast. I wouldn't trade this break in my heart for anything in the world. It reminds me that I had something special and very real...something that most people live a lifetime and never experience. I'm so lucky to have spent the time I had with Craig...the long phone calls, late night conversations, movie and dinner dates, baseball and football games and just hanging out in the mancave enjoying life.

Craig loved deeply and sincerely. I let him into my heart and into my soul. He asked me once why I never married or why I didn't date. He wanted to understand why I was so guarded. I simply told him that I couldn't find anyone out there like my Daddy. Craig was the closest I ever found to him. A man full of compassion, kindness and understanding...he found his way into my life and changed it forever.

Craig was a wonderful and dedicated father. I am still in awe of the fantastic job he has done raising Tanner and Bailey. They are two of the most amazing children I've ever met in my life. They will definitely carry on their father's legacy through their unique personalities, abilities to persevere and loving values Craig instilled in them.

He left an unforgettable mark in this world. He taught me what true unconditional LOVE is. We gave each other HOPE for a better day. He brought AWARENESS to a cruel disease and made it his passion to fight towards finding a cure. He was as PATIENT as he could be, living in a body that betrayed him and robbed him of a normal life. He showed KINDNESS to those less fortunate than him. He was incredibly UNDERSTANDING and allowed me to lean on him when things were just not going my way. Many times we laughed so hard, we cried...other times we cried together until we just had to laugh.

Craig knew that I was terrified to get close to someone in his situation. He just opened up his life and drew me in. It was simply irresistible and I am eternally grateful for every moment I spent with him.

He asked me on my birthday last November to board his ship and sail through the rest of his journey with him. That was the day we realized what we had between us and we declared our love for each other. We shared some incredible times and lived life full blast. He fought so hard to hang on, but his ship sailed through some rough waters. I will never forget the experiences I shared with Craig Fox...he made my life richer and filled it with more love.

I am left with wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. I am left with an awesome, loving extended family who is just as fun and crazy as my own. I am left with a huge hole in my heart, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Hugs and much love, Alisa Villarreal