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Hello, Everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update from my weekend with Craig. I arrived at the hospital on Friday afternoon to give Peggy and WJ a little break. Now I understand why Craig is so exhausted!!

His days and nights are filled with various breathing therapies, nurses bringing meds and checking his vitals, chest xrays, different doctor visits, etc. In the 48 hours I stayed with him, I may have gotten about 5 or 6 hours of good sleep. By no means am I complaining, because all these efforts are bringing the old Craig around again.

He looks 100 times better than when I saw him last Sunday. His mischievous grin is back, his eyes sparkle when he smiles, and most important, he's already giving the nurses and therapists a hard time. (Jokingly, of course.) I heard some of the doctors say that he may be released tomorrow.

His strength is slowly returning. The only thing he hasn't done is stood up yet. Today, PT plans to get him onto a table that will rotate him vertically and allow him to bear weight on his legs. I kept asking why he hasn't stood up yet and I was told, "we're taking baby steps." I sometimes forget the limitations that ALS has put on Craig's body and his ability to recover. I forget these things because he is such a strong, positive, faithful person who I believe can overcome just about anything.

Keep the prayers going for his return home where he and his family will face a multitude of new challenges. Go Team Fox "C"!!!

Love, Alisa